Our Values

Core Values

These values already exist at Apostrophe. They are intrinsic – so we are doubling down.  We are committing to be *more* of these things than 99% of other companies. We’ll follow these values even if they hurt us in the market. We accept that sometimes individuals on our team will take these values too far. We’d be willing to fire a top performer for going against these values.  

Do Hard Things.

We are building the health plan that can fix America. Anything less, no matter how profitable, would be a waste of our talents.

  • We are bold and fearless and make tough decisions without agonizing.
  • We are committed to fixing what is broken in the market even if it means the road to success will be harder.
  • Audacious goals, realistically achieved, are a competitive advantage in serving our customers and attracting the right folks to our team.

Loosely Coupled. Highly Aligned.

We are a wickedly talented team that operates in a self-reliant way but with accountability back to the team.

  • This is not a move fast/break things or a proceed until apprehended culture. Going rogue wastes resources and time.
  • Our experiments are bold and scrappy. They sometimes fail and that is ok if we learn from them.
  • Everyone is expected to operate with full authority and ownership over the planning, execution, and improvement of their work.
  • We don’t ask permission or wait for consensus, but we share and seek information freely to learn and produce better results together.

More Steak than Sizzle.

  • We take a realistic and practical approach because we are building a long-term, sustainable business.
  • We aren’t blindsided by our worst-case scenarios so it’s easier to grit out the rough spots.
  • We are independent and chart our own course based on the problems we are passionate about solving and the people we are solving them for – NOT the financial markets.
  • We recognize and appreciate that crap work is part of the process of delivering a better solution. It’s an unavoidable by-product of steak.

Show Up.

We can’t always do the right thing by our members. Some of those decisions are out of our control.

  • We take the time to understand what success looks like for each customer and member.
  • We always go the extra mile to advocate on a member’s behalf, to clearly communicate options, or deliver unexpected delight.
  • Every team member interacts with the people we serve.
  • The best way to learn firsthand is to show up.

Tell It Like It Is.

Candor is the ultimate sign of respect, caring, and practicality.

  • Feedback is a gift. We give it, get it and aren’t afraid to ask for it.
  • We are frank with our partners and customers. Clarity builds better relationships and helps everyone use limited resources more effectively.
  • We have adult conversations with each other and our members –  facts and realities are refreshing and empower all of us.
  • We take responsibility for the message, good or bad.

Unintentional Values

These behaviors are also intrinsic to Apostrophe, but they tend to bite us. We need to counter their negative manifestations.  


When you see something, say something. Everyone has the authority to stop the line.


We have earned the right to toot our own horn about our incredible potential and great results.


Aspirational Values

These behaviors are important to Apostrophe but they will require intention to develop. We are committed to fostering them with our current team and to expanding our team with these values in mind. 

Prep Hard. Win Big.


Diversity + Inclusion

Double-Bottom Line Impact