Apostrophe Ecosystem Webinar Series featuring Sherpaa

Apostrophe has an incredible ecosystem of partners that make it possible for us to provide world-class service to our members everyday.

On Thursday, December 6th @ 9:30am Mountain Time, Apostrophe and Sherpaa will be hosting a webinar exclusively for Next Generation Benefits Consultants. 

This will be a 30-minute overview of the Apostrophe Health Plan Ecosystem where we feature one of our brightest stars, Sherpaa, who is providing virtual primary care, lowering costs and providing a better member experience.

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Your Webinar Speakers:

Dr. Jay Parkinson is a physician who trained in pediatrics and preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

Since 2007, Jay has redefined the doctor visit and challenged how doctors and patients communicate and solve problems together. He created the world’s first internet-enabled house call practice in 2007 and founded and designed the first cloud-based electronic medical record in 2008 called Hello Health. Seven years ago, Jay started Sherpaa, a new primary care model called Virtual Primary Care. He currently serves as CEO of Sherpaa.

Christopher Fisher

No one understands new technologies and innovations for the next generation broker like Christopher Fisher! As Director of Partnerships, Chris is building an ecosystem unlike any other.

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