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Things are NOT what you think.

The best way to save money on healthcare is not to deny treatment and go to lower quality providers.

It’s to get the right preventative care and to use the highest quality providers when something goes wrong. Apostrophe makes that easy.

Easy-to-Understand Benefits.

We’ve gotten rid of the jargon and the confusing plan rules. We’ll give clear information every step of the way – from selecting a plan to helping make the right care decisions.

On-Call Concierge.

All the best digital health solutions through a single app, a single email, and a single phone number to call – plus someone to hold your hand when you need it the most. Our battle cry is “Ping us for Anything” and we mean it.

The Best Care.

Keep the doctors you trust or we’ll direct you to the top quality providers and facilities. Plus we will let you know how much it will cost before you get care.

No Billing Headaches.

Had it with all the confusing bills and hours on the phone sorting them out? We’ve made them go away. We’ll sort out the bills and pay them for you. You’ll receive a final fully audited and easy to understand bill from us. Pay it right away or over time.

Our members are in love.

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