Healthcare Savings Platform

Replace your administrator with an advocate. Everybody wins.


Take control of your healthcare spending. Replace unknowable costs, confusing network rules, and expensive waste with transparency. 

HR Leaders

Amazing health benefits and no extra burden on you. We’ll take full responsibility for ROI and engagement. Our phone rings so yours doesn’t.

Benefit Consultants

Bust through the status quo and grow your business by empowering your self-funded clients to improve their benefits and their bottom line.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

You can get all the benefits of Apostrophe for the same or less than you are paying for administration and network access.

We’ve tied our compensation to our performance. When you win. We win. That’s the sign of a true partner.

Wonder what Apostrophe could do for you? We’ll develop a personalized  savings analysis and show you.

What can Apostrophe do for you?

 Our personalized savings analysis will show if Apostrophe makes sense for your company.