Healthcare choices – why are we sleeping at the wheel?


Sleeping at the wheel

Over the last 20 years, nothing has been more effective in creating better operating companies than technology. Technology connects the data that helps companies make better decisions. Technology brings an unprecedented level of automation and innovation to operations, finance, sales and marketing.

So why is it that when it comes to making healthcare choices for companies, most of us are sleeping at the wheel of our cars? [editor’s note: at this time, fully autonomous vehicles are not legal and therefore actually falling asleep at the wheel is bad…very bad.]

We’re asleep at the wheel as we are guided by large insurance carriers to keep doing the same thing every single year.

We’re asleep at the wheel as we are ok with 10-12% increases in annual healthcare costs, and are actually elated when the increase is anything less than 5%.

We’re asleep at the wheel when we continue to use a non-technology-driven, non-platform-based healthcare plan that can deliver more transparency and insight into where the wasted costs arise.

We’re asleep at the wheel when we have to tell our employees and their family members that it is ok that they must spend tons of money out of their pocket to meet deductibles when more cost effective alternatives to what they’re being told may be available.

We’re asleep at the wheel when we accept the extreme markups on services that hospital systems and insurance carriers have established and told us it’s just how things are done around here.

Apostrophe is fed up. We’re asking you to wake up and start asking questions about your self-insured healthcare plans. Don’t stay asleep at the wheel…wake up your healthcare senses and see what else is out there.

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