Are You Healthcare Aware?

Are you Healthcare Aware?

Healthcare, health insurance, healthcare networks, co-pays, deductibles, in-network, out-of-network, explanation of benefits, bills out the ass when you have a major medical issue.  Stop-loss, reinsurance, pharmacy benefits. So many complicated concepts for something we can’t live without.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a person who has insurance?  Imagine how your employer feels when they manage their health care plan with a self-insured model.
Are you healthcare aware that the idea of networks isn’t actually necessary and it is a legacy concept from before the time of the internet?

Are you healthcare aware that when you walk up to a doctor’s office and ask for service that there are about 4 different ways that the providers get paid by the insurance company?  Did you know that the difference in payments for the exact same service can vary as much as 450%?

Are you healthcare aware that in this world of connectivity, interoperability and information, that understanding your doctors’ bills are more complex than many CFO’s can understand?

Are you healthcare aware that while our costs for health insurance are rising at a pace that triples the rate of inflation, health insurance companies’ stocks have risen over 500% in the last 10 years?

Are you healthcare aware that there is a better way?  Many healthcare benefits consultants and some platforms (like Apostrophe) have figured a way to break the vicious cycle, bring transparency to the employers and members, while delivering a member experience they’ll love.  Sounds simple, I know. It must be simpler…it definitely can’t get more complicated.

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