You and your employees deserve more.

Apostrophe brings big company benefits to self-insured employers of any size.

We drastically reduce healthcare costs while delivering a benefit that employees love. Yes, we said love.

Better service

Our platform combines big company benefits like telemedicine, 2nd opinions, and flat rate surgeries with an on-call healthcare concierge.

Better network

Our network is built around quality, the best outcomes, transparent pricing, and the freedom for your employees to keep the doctors they trust.

Better administration

We streamline the provider payment process so instead of multiple bills and calls from collections your employees get a single audited bill from us.

Better health

Spending on health doesn’t pay off overnight. We can guide investments in direct primary care and wellness like a true stakeholder.

Apostrophe transformed the health benefits for school teachers across Colorado.

Savings as a service

Apostrophe replaces your third party administrator.

See how we’re different

When you win. We win.

That’s the sign of a true partner.

We’ll provide you a personalized plan that outlines how we will hold your company’s healthcare spending flat and even reduce costs. Then we’ll put our money where our mouth is by tying our compensation to our performance.

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Our members are in love.

“I was blown away. Apostrophe got us a next-day appointment with the top pediatric cardiologist in the state – after I was told there were no open appointments for a month. The peace of mind not having to wait and worry was the best Christmas gift ever.”

– Elementary school teacher

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