What if 100% of your patient receivables were paid within 14 days?

Would your cost of doing business decrease?

Could you focus more on patient care?


You know the numbers…

  • Even the best run practices write off between 15%-30% of patient receivables.
  • Over 25% of patient receivables that are collected come in post 30-days.
  • And this is AFTER money is spent on collection administration.


Apostrophe is a new health plan administrator for self in sured employers. We share a common goal with the providers serving our member communities: Eliminate the overhead in healthcare so we can all focus on better patient outcomes and higher value care.

When you see Apostrophe patients: 

  • We’ll pay 100% of what you are owed – including the patient portion – usually within 14 days. That’s right. NO patient collections for your practice.
  • We’ll never require burdensome credentialing or long complicated contracts.
  • All we ask in return is fair transparent prices, so our members – your patients – can make the best care decisions with their trusted doctor.

Working together we can make healthcare work better for our communities one employer group at a time.