For Providers

Enough is Enough.

Even the best run practices and facilities write off between 15%-30% of patient receivable. And that’s after dumping time and money into collections. What if 100% of your receivables were paid within 30 days with zero effort? Would your cost of doing business decrease? Could you focus more on patient care?

Our goal is your goal.

Apostrophe eliminates the BS from healthcare, so we can all focus on better patient outcomes and higher value care.

When you see Apostrophe patients we’ll cover 100% of what you are owed – including the patient portion – within 30 days. 

Every provider is in-network at Apostrophe. But we’ll never ask for burdensome credentialing or complicated contracts.

All we expect in return are fair transparent rates for our members, so they can make care decisions based on value, expertise, and trust.

The Health Plan that Providers Love.
Never collect a patient payment again.