Airstream Health has changed its name to Apostrophe. We’ve been named one of Colorado’s Top 50 Companies to Watch in 2017

Apostrophe brings big company health benefits to self-insured employers of any size.

Working as an overlay to your existing health plan or as a full replacement for your TPA and provider network, Apostrophe drastically reduces healthcare costs while delivering a benefit that employees love.

Yes, we said love.


Rosen Hotels, Safeway, City of Kirkland, Pittsburgh Public Schools — all have cracked the code on healthcare savings.

Apostrophe has curated their best practices into a plug-n-play health plan that any self-insured employer can seamlessly adopt.

For the same amount you are paying your existing third party administrator, Apostrophe will manage your plan AND reduce the main drivers of healthcare spending waste in a way personalized to your employee population.

The result? You save money without lifting a finger.

The healthplan you’d design for yourself.

When you trade your administrator for an advocate you get people, not processing, at the center of your universe..

Clear Benefits. No Insurance Speak.
Forget the jargon. We’ll give clear information every step of the way – from selecting a plan to helping make the right care decisions.

OnCall Healthcare Concierge.
Multiple benefits, a single app, a single email, and a single phone number to call. Our battle cry is “Ping us for Anything”.  

The Best Care.
We’ll guide your employees to the highest quality doctors and facilities, get them nationally recognized 2nd opinions, and hold their hand every step of the way when they need it most.

No Billing Headaches.
Had it with all the confusing bills and hours on the phone sorting them out? Us too. We’ll take care of all payments then provide a fully audited and easy to understand bill from us. Pay it right away or over time.

The best way to save money on healthcare is not to limit care and skimp on quality.
It’s to provide the right care and the best quality.

Here’s what our members are saying…

Two ways to add Apostrophe to your health benefits:

Apostrophe Essentials

Apostrophe Essentials works as an overlay to your existing health plan. The platform integrates premium health care services previously only available to the largest employers — stuff like telemedicine, 2nd opinions, and flat-rate surgeries. We combine them with our on-call healthcare concierge to guide your employees when they need it most. 

Apostrophe 360

We replace your existing health plan administrator with an advocate. In addition to all the benefits of Essentials, Apostrophe 360 evolves the network. We don’t have secret pricing deals with providers – everything is transparent. And your employees will never receive confusing bills again. Yes, you read that correctly.

When you win. We win. That’s the sign of a true partner.

We’ll provide you a personalized 5-year plan that outlines how we will hold your company’s healthcare spending flat or even reduce costs.

Then we’ll put our money where our mouth is by tying our compensation to our performance.

Wonder what Apostrophe could do for you?  




We are accepting a limited number of new customers in 2017
to work with us in partnership as we expand our service.

OUR WHY: What if you could eliminate so much waste from your healthcare spending you could fund free free college tuition for your employees and their children? One employer did.  Learn More