Airstream Health has changed its name to Apostrophe. We’ve been named one of Colorado’s Top 50 Companies to Watch in 2017

Save 40% on your healthcare expenses and deliver a health insurance experience your employees will love.
Yes, we said love.


Rosen Hotels, Safeway, City of Kirkland, Pittsburgh Public Schools — all have cracked the code on healthcare savings.

Apostrophe has curated their best practices into a plug-n-play health plan that any self-insured employer can seamlessly adopt.

For the same amount you are paying your existing third party administrator, Apostrophe will manage your plan AND reduce the main drivers of healthcare spending waste in a way personalized to your employee population.

The result? You save money without lifting a finger.


Apostrophe puts people, not processing, at the center of our universe. It’s the health plan we’d all design for ourselves.

No Network! No Kidding.
Your employees can go to any doctor they want. No more navigating narrow networks and long lead times for appointments.

Prompt Pay Card.
Your employees are armed to pay for care at the point of service. They’ll never see a confusing explanation of benefits or spend hours on the phone figuring out a surprise bill again.  

On Call Healthcare Concierge.
We’ll guide your employees to the highest quality doctors and facilities, get them nationally recognized 2nd opinions, and hold their hand every step of the way when they need it most.

Ping for Anything
Forget the faxes and the phone menus. Your employees can reach a real live person anytime, any way they choose — phone, text, email, or online chat.

The best way to save money on healthcare is not to limit care and skimp on quality.
It’s to provide the right care and the best quality.

Here is how members experience Apostrophe.

Aligned with Your Interests

Two Ways to Play

Overlay Apostrophe on top of your existing health plan for concierge benefits and direct primary care.

Or replace your existing health plan administrator with Apostrophe.

No Risk. Shared Savings.

We won’t charge you any more than your existing administrator. But we’ll share in the savings when your healthcare costs stay flat or decline.



We are accepting a limited number of new customers in 2017
to work with us in partnership as we expand our service.

Our Team

Apostrophe is part technology startup and part healthcare disruptor. Our founding team consists of a health insurance co-op exec, a consumer startup veteran, and a seasoned technologist. We are adding passionate new talent to our team each month and have surrounded ourselves with some of the most in-demand companies in the healthcare space — folks like Health Care Blue Book, GoodRx, Grand Rounds, MeMD, and more. 

Our Why

While we all have a “healthcare horror story” that motivates us, the real spark behindApostrophe was Rosen Hotels. Rosen rolled a health plan similar to Apostrophe’s. The results were amazing: Employee health outcomes improved significantly. Day-to-day stresses and absenteeism plummeted. Yet healthcare costs drop by more than 40%.  In fact Rosen saved so much money on healthcare that they offered a new benefit: free college tuition for their employees and their children. THAT’S the kind of healthcare revolution we want to fuel in Colorado and across the country. When we say we are building “the healthplan that can fix America”, we mean it.